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Whanau Ora

Whānau Ora

Whānau Ora is a philosophy of well-being and care that is focused on Whānau and the needs of individuals within a Whānau context. It is about connecting with Whānau through whakapapa and shared values with Whānau in control of the pathway to realising their aspirations.​ 

Our role is to understand and enable: understanding needs by placing Whānau at the centre of decision making providing support that works and makes sense to whānau. Ensuring that we are critically reflective and focused on sustaining recovery. Moving with Whānau in pursuit of Mauri Ora.

Whānau Ora is achieved when Whānau are:

  • Self-managing

  • Living healthy lifestyles

  • Participating fully in society

  • Confidently participating in Te Ao Māori

  • Economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation

  • Cohesive, resilient and nurturing

  • Responsible stewards of their natural and living environments.

To learn more about our Whānau Ora collective, Whānau Whanake,  please click here

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