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Ratonga Whare



Our maintenance team ensures that the houses are always at a high standard for the vulnerable people we house. They work diligently to keep everything in order and functioning properly, providing our whānau with the best living conditions possible. Our team comprises skilled and experienced professionals who take pride in their work and are committed to providing excellent service to our whānau. The mahi ranges from filling holes to supporting whānau with moves, from temporary to permanent housing.

Poua Ki Raro

This entity is responsible for managing and maintaining the community housing properties in our portfolio. Their focus is on ensuring that these properties are in good condition and are safe for our whānau to live in. They locate suitable properties for whānau in need of housing and strive to provide a supportive environment for those who call these properties home. Overall, Poua Ki Raro plays an important role in our Hapori by helping to provide safe and secure housing options for those who need them most.

Te Ara O Takapū

Our partnership aims to provide more than just housing. We aim to improve the quality of life, stability, and health outcomes for vulnerable communities, particularly Māori. We have completed developing a community housing site in Taitā, with plans to build two more developments for a total of 45 properties. Our partnership is committed to increasing the supply of housing and reducing the number of families waiting on the Housing Register. We follow the values of the Māori and Iwi Housing Innovation Framework for Action and work with Iwi, the local council, developers, and the community to support Māori housing.

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