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Ratonga Whānau


Ratonga Whānau Social Capability Team

Ratonga Whānau Social Capability team support whānau to achieve their goals to improve
their living situations. This may include navigating systems and providing advocacy with
government agencies. Whānau are encouraged to dream and aspire and to take back their
mana motuhake.

Ratonga Whānau Rangatahi Specialist Team

We provide mentoring and advocacy for youth to support them to becoming strong
independent young people to reach their aspirations and goals. Our team come from
a range of experience that are current with this generation. There is also specific housing
support available to our youth between the ages of 18 – 24yrs.

Social Work in Schools

Social Workers in School is a programme to provide support working alongside our most at
risk tamariki, their whānau and school to develop plans to improve their attendance,
wellbeing, and educational needs. Tamariki can learn alternative strategies to help navigate
their education pathways, learning needs and for their parents to receive support if

Whānau Ora Kaiārahi

Whānau are supported to take control of their lives and to build on their strengths to
achieve their aspirations. Kaiārahi advocate alongside whānau to address a range of social

Housing First Team

The Housing First team provides wrap around support for whānau on all levels from
advocating with the Ministry of Social Development to moving whānau into their new
properties. Kaimahi also mentor whānau in pursuing their moemoea, working alongside
whānau to create pathways to achieving whānau goals.

Kaimahi support includes, helping whānau to maintain their tenancy, advocacy for whānau
with Oranga Tamariki and Probation with court procedures. Connecting whānau to their
community or social services that whānau want to be a part of. Promoting whānau well-
being by creating a positive environment for whānau to feel safe and secure with their
kaimahi. Kaimahi are multi-tasking on all levels to support whānau.

Transitional Housing

Providing temporary accommodation for whānau who are experiencing homelessness.
Transitional Housing provides 12 weeks of accommodation with the ability to extend.
Kaimahi will engage with whānau weekly to build upon goal plans and to secure long term
housing. Whānau are supported to address any barriers that may be preventing progress.

Emergency Housing Navigation

Whānau who are currently residing in Emergency Housing are supported to find alternative
long-term accommodation, through social housing providers and internal housing

programmes. Offering a range of social housing, community housing and transitional
housing all whilst looking for long term stable, healthy, warm housing.

Sustaining Tenancies

The Sustaining Tenancies programme is a prevention programme to support individuals and whānau in private or public housing, who need help to sustain their tenancy and address issues putting their tenancy at risk. This support helps vulnerable individuals and those with complex and/or multiple needs to live independently and address any issues that are putting their tenancy at risk.

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