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Kahungunu Whānau Services is a Housing First provider. Housing First is a service that aims to end homelessness by allowing Whānau who are chronically homeless to access housing with no readiness conditions.
As a kaupapa Māori provider, we provide a tangata whenua response to ending homelessness. We incorporate the tikanaga principles of Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga, Rangatiratanga and Whakawhanaungatanga.

Connecting Whānau through whakapapa and linking them back to their Whānau, Hapu and Iwi is a key outcome for us.

Housing First core principles

Housing is offered with no readiness conditions such as sobriety or psychiatric treatment. It simply requires a willingness by people to engage with support services and a desire to be housed.

Housing First providers find warm, safe housing that fits the needs of each person — whether that’s a private rental, public housing or supported living. Providers also help manage the tenancy and property.
People have choices about the housing and support that’s right for them. For example, some people may prefer their own self-contained flat or house and need regular visits with a support worker. Others may decide that a supported living arrangement works best for them. Choice may be constrained by availability and affordability.
Support is given according to each person’s needs, for as long as needed. Housing First providers work with a range of health and social services to make sure the person gets the specialist support they need. The supports provided are individualised and person-driven.
Harm reduction has a Recovery focus with holistic support to reduce harmful behaviours and make positive steps towards wellbeing.
People are encouraged and supported to be part of their communities and connect with whānau, support networks, social activities, education and work.
Information for “Housing First core principles” is sourced form: MINISTRY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT
Kahungunu Whānau Services support Whānau to access Emergency and Transitional Housing
Sorted Kainga Ora is a programme that builds the financial capability of Whānau by using a kaupapa māori approach. It enables Whānau to make choices about how to achieve their housing aspirations.

Sorted Kainga Ora is an 8-week programme delivered by trained facilitators. Equipping Whānau with the tools to plan and get ready for home ownership.